Conference Programme

"Time given in the program is Pakistan Standard Time (PKT), UTC+05:00"

Day 1 – 24th May 2022





0930 – 1100

Opening ceremony
(College Auditorium)

1100 – 1130

High Tea
(Campus Mess)

1200 – 1330

Machine Learning & Applications
Session Chair: Dr. Madad Ali Shah

Session Co-Chair: Dr. Ali Hassan

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Computer Vision

Session Chair: Dr. Seemab Latif

Session Co-Chair: Dr. Farhan Riaz

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Software Modeling and Data Science

Session Chair: Dr. Farooque Azam

Session Co-Chair: Dr. Asim Aziz

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1200 – 1215

ID-26: Machine Learning Algorithm Analysis for Detecting and Classification Faults in Power Transmission System

ID-131: Wildfire Detection in Aerial Images using Deep Learning

ID-54: A Novel Approach for Periodically Updating Rough Approximations Upon Multi-Dimension Variation

1215 – 1230

ID-46: An Ensemble Model for Software Defect Prediction

ID-168: Programmable Broad Learning System to Detect Concealed and Imbalanced Baggage Threats

ID-70: Automatically Categorizing Software Technologies

1230 – 1245

ID-125: Machine Learning-based Theoretical Framework for Failure Prediction, Detection, and Correction of Mission Critical Flight Software

ID-193: Crop and Weeds Classification in Sesame Fields Using a Patch-Based Model Ensembling Method

ID-140: Develop an Ontology for an E-Commerce based web application to assist color-blind people

1245 – 1300

ID-145: NLP based Model for Classification of Complaints:  Autonomous and Intelligent System

ID-202: Balanced Affinity Loss for Highly Imbalanced Baggage Threat Instance Segmentation

ID-196: An enhanced agile-V model for system engineering in complex medical device development

1300 – 1315

ID-164: Evaluation of the Electromagnetic forces in the zigzag transformer using a computational method

ID-251: Enhancement of Depth Map through Weighted Combination of Guided Image Filters in Shape-From-Focus

ID-132: Role of Non-functional Requirements in Projects’  Success

1315 – 1330

ID-219: A Decision Making Approach for Street Lockdown to Cope with Covid-19 Cases by Using Shortest Path Selection Mechanism for Unplanned Colonies



1330 – 1430

Lunch and Prayer Break
(Cadet Mess)

1445 – 1730

BioMedical & HealthCare
Session Chair: Dr. Haroon Yousaf

Session Co-Chair: Dr. Mohsin Tiwana

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Deep Learning and Applications

Session Chair: Dr. Saad Rehman
Session Co-Chair: Dr. Javed Ali Khan

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Transformative Technologies
Session Chair: Dr. Shahzad Khalid

Session Co-Chair: Dr. Umar Shahbaz

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1445 – 1530

Invited Talk
Dr Constantino Carlos Reyes
Semantic segmentation of HeLa cells observed with electron microscopy

Invited Talk
Prof Edward J. Ciaccio

Submitting and Successfully Publishing Your Work: Advice from a Journal Editor




Invited Talk

Dr. Irfan Hussain Human-Centered Robotics and its Applications in Healthcare and Industry

1530 – 1545

ID-160: Handcrafted and Deep features based Classification of Scoliosis

ID-55: TM-BERT: A Twitter Modified BERT for Sentiment Analysis on Covid-19 Vaccination Tweets

ID-57: A Framework for Human Error, Weaknesses, Threats & Mitigation Measures In An Airgapped Network


ID-47: YAAD: Young Adult’s Affective Data Using Wearable ECG and GSR sensors

ID-83: Convolutional Neural Network Based Thermal Image Classification

ID-58: File Integrity Checkers: Functionality, Attacks and Protection


ID-192: A Review of Autonomous Glaucomatous Grading via OCT Imagery

ID-118: Deep-learning based Framework for Sentiment Analysis in the Urdu Language

ID-233: Physical Adversarial Attack Scheme on Object Detectors using 3D Adversarial Object


ID-66: Deep Framework for Predicting COVID-19 and Related Lung diseases using CXR Images

ID-163: HARResNeXt: An efficient ResNeXt inspired network for Human Activity Recognition with Inertial Sensors

ID-115: 3D printing of nanocellulose structures infused Epofix resin with improved mechanical properties


ID-107: Automatic Detection and classification of Correct placement of tubes on chest Xrays using deep learning with EfficientNet

ID-231: Multi-modal Emotion Recognition Using Deep Learning Architectures

ID-146: Integrated Product-Process Design: Conceptual Framework for Data-Driven Manufacturing Resource Selection


ID-133: Diagnosis of Leukemia Disease through Deep Learning using Microscopic Images

ID-235: Emotion Recognition from Facial Images using Hybrid Deep Learning Models

ID-151: An Analytic Hierarchy Process for urban heat stress mitigation 


ID-134: Detection of Liver Cancer through CT Images using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks


ID-104: DDRF: The drone data regulatory framework based on blockchain 


ID-154: Automatic Detection and classification of Scoliosis from Spine X-rays using Transfer Learning



19:00 – 22:00

Social Event & Conference Dinner
(Visitor Centre & ASG Ground)

Day 2 – 25th May 2022





09:00 – 11:00


Machine Learning & Applications

Session Chair: Dr. Shahzad Amin

Session Co-Chair: Dr. Fahad Mumtaz

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Biomedical and HealthCare

Session Chair: Dr. Shafaat A Bazaz

Session Co-Chair: Dr Arslan Shaukat

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Internet of Things

Session Chair: Dr. Nasir Rasheed

Session Co-Chair: Dr. Ameer Hamza

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0900 – 0945

Invited Talk

Prof. Zhu Li

Deep Learning in Point Cloud Processing and Compression

Invited Talk
Dr. Mohsin Tiwana

Accelerating Research in Emerging Economies Through Use of 3D Printing – Biomedical & Beyond

Invited Talk
Prof. Witold Pedrycz

Federated Learning, Knowledge Transfer, and Knowledge Distillation: Developments in Machine Learning  with Information Granules

0945– 1000

ID-12: A Survey On Prevalent Approaches To Predict The Popularity Of Social Content

ID-64: Incremental Instance Segmentation for the Gleason Tissues Driven Prostate Cancer Prognosis

ID-129: Utilization of DCT Coefficients for the Classification of Standard Datasets in Cloud/Edge Computing Environment

1000 – 1015

ID-161: Optical Flow Estimation Technique for Hazy Scenes

ID-122: Surface EMG Signal Analysis using Hand-Crafted Features for Detection and Classification of GTC seizures

ID-191: Paving the way for cardiovascular health monitoring using the Internet of Medical Things and Edge-AI

1015 – 1030

ID-11: Image Popularity Prediction Over Time for the Span of 30 Days Using Machine learning Techniques

ID-178: A Composite Dataset of Lumbar Spine Images with Mid-Sagittal View Annotations and Clinically Significant Spinal Measurements

ID-269: Role of Big Data Analytics and Edge Computing in Modern IoT Applications: A Systematic Literature Review

1030 – 1045


ID-244: Deep learning for medical image analysis – A review

ID-155:A Reliable Learning-Based Task Offloading Framework for Vehicular Edge Computing

1045 – 1100



ID-116: IoT and MQTT based web monitoring of a solar living laboratory

1100 – 1130

Tea Break

(Respective Venues)

11:45 – 13:30


Machine Learning & Applications

Session Chair: Dr. Aamer Ahmed Baqai

Session Co-Chair: Dr. Uzair Khaleeq uz Zaman

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Biomedical and HealthCare

Session Chair: Dr. Zartasha Mustansar

Session Co-Chair: Dr. Saadia Shakil

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Digital Design

Session Chair: Dr. Muazzam A Khan

Session Co-Chair: Dr. Imran Akhtar

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Invited Talk

Prof. Madad Ali Shah
Machine Learning for Precise Navigation- Applications & Challenges

Invited Talk

Prof Thierry Denoeux

Evidential machine learning: supervised and unsupervised learning using belief functions

Invited Talk
Dr. Wajahat Kazmi

AI for Driver Security

1230 – 1245


ID-170: Mining Research Topics in the Domain of Educational Big Data from Paper Abstracts

ID-169: A Composite Retinal Fundus and OCT Dataset to Grade Macular and Glaucomatous Disorders

ID-67: Framework for Dynamic Partial Configuration of Algorithms for Zynq-7000 SoC using JPEG as Case Study



ID-224: Using Machine Learning Algorithms to Detect Dysplasia in Barretts Esophagus


ID-123: Reconfigurable Architecture for Real-time Decoding of Canonical Huffman Codes



ID-185: Segmentation of Images Using Deep Learning: A Survey 

ID-190: Multiclass Heartbeat Classification Using ECG Signals and Convolutional Neural Networks

ID-135: A Theoretical CNN Compression Framework for Resource-Restricted Environments



ID-267: Cost-Effective Welding System by using AR3 Robot

ID-04: Deep RetinaNet for Melanoma Lesion Detection

ID-141: Framework for Live Migration of FPGA based ECB-mode AES-128 accelerator




ID-247: Power profiling-based side-channel attacks on FPGA and Countermeasures: A survey

13:30 – 14:30

Lunch and Prayer Break

(Cadet Mess)

14:45 -16:30

Panel Discussion, How Digital Pakistan can become a reality soon?

(AKN Hall, DEE)

17:30 – 19:15

Closing Ceremony

(College Auditorium)

19:15 – 19:45

High Tea

(Campus Mess)